Hide and Seek


Life is full of hints, smells, views, and mirrors of other cultures. 

Living in a variety of countries helps to develop a different perspective than of those born and raised within the same geographical place. Through the repeated act of moving and traveling, being an active observer gradually became the most critical element of my definition of self and my artwork. My process is iterative, endowed with layers and reflections, as it leans on the ancestry and scents of my journey.


Traveling fine-tuned my notion that truth is far from being universal or objective. Outsiders often lack the knowledge of local cultural context that cloaks communications with layers of meaning. I search for what ought to be there and awaits unraveling. The world through my lens is multifaceted and nuanced as I am both a third culture child, and I raise third culture children of my own. Third culture kids, raised by immigrant parents, develop built-in filters.


I am visually attracted to mirrors and layers in my work, as I am fascinated by the hidden, unknown, and yet to be discovered. Images tell their own nonverbal story. This body of work tries to capture the feeling of seeing what is directly in front of you while being aware of hidden layers and reflections.

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