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Reflections on layers


Shaped by the myriad of cultures across four countries on three continents, my journey is akin to a global wanderer. Residing in various nations, I've understood that concepts like truth are often nuanced and rarely objective. Each new home has offered a fresh lens through which I view the world, instilling a profound connection with an ambiguous sense of affinity. Much like observing life through a translucent pane, this perspective has become a fundamental cornerstone of my identity.


Through my art history studies, I was drawn to surrealism's multifaceted angle on reality. It reminded me of navigating a house of mirrors and orchestrating a balance between the actual and the perceived. Mirrors and reflections offer conceptual windows to co-existing realities, parallel possibilities, and stories. I explore concepts of inclusion and belonging by blending the boundaries between the inner and outer worlds and blurring the lines between the tangible and the imagined.

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